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Constant Contact, Inc. is an online marketing company, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, with additional offices in Loveland, Colorado; and New York, New York. The company was founded in 1995 and was later sold to Endurance International in 2015.

Akande mentioned, "Constant Contact's List set up is not very robust and is somewhat limiting. Their email builder is very structured as well, which can be good for some, but can be difficult to navigate for more custom email builds or email builds that leverage dynamic content."


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Former Employee - Engagement Specialist says

"As soon as Endurance purchased the company, things went downhill fast. The customer support department was expected to start upselling additional products despite that not being a requirement in the interview process. This demoralizes the entire floor and two Senior Support Managers are unaware of the struggle this causes and don't care. Additionally, opportunities for advancement are not available to women and/or LGBTQ+ individuals. In fact, for the year and a half I worked there, every single supervisor hired was a straight white male. A few of those hired were completely incompetent and only got the position because their only competent competition were women. Finally, Constant Contact has only had one positive revenue quarter in the last five years. The one positive quarter they had was only because they sold SinglePlatform to Trip Advisor for over 50 million dollars. Do not work here if you can avoid it. It is not worth your time."

Former Employee - Billing Specialist says

"They don't treat you like a person. Very limited opportunity, they record your computer screen and personal conversations."

Former Employee - Customer Success Specialist says

"Mostly toxic environment. Career growth is based not on merit or skill, but on connections and networking."

Former Employee - Billing Specialist says

"There is no work/life balance here. If you're new PLEASE READ as recruiters will tell you otherwise. PTO is on a seniority basis. They do "bidding" and by the time you go into the system to check what time you can take off, well, to be honest, there is none and guess what? They don't care. You don't get all holidays off, if they need coverage for those days you will be the first to work them (they always need coverage as turnover rate is exponentially high here). Also, be aware you're required not to miss work under any circumstances ( This means kids sick, car accident, or anything else) within the first 90 days. They require you to pitch sales to the customers on every phone call. You have to meet a certain amount of recommendations and offer rates so you're not fired. After your ramp-up (90 days) they will first give you a verbal warning, next a written warning, and by the third month if you're not meeting these expectations you will be walked off the floor ( watched them do this many times with excellent employees ) some of our best employees were walked off not because of the customer support but because they couldn't meet metrics that sometimes are unattainable. This place is all about making money and that's it. If you don't make them money, you're trash to them. They hire people who haven't had the best experience in other companies and that don't know what it's like to be treated as a human being. If you try to move up or to another department they most likely won't offer a pay raise and you won't be allowed to move departments because the company can't keep the ones there for more than 6 months. There is no room to grow because the people that started as Constant Contact employees and not Endurance are the ones in manager/team lead roles. This reminds me WFM (workforce management) is TERRIBLE. When I first started I came in 10 minutes early and began preparing myself for the day and naturally logged into the phones, well, WFM reached out to me and advised me that I was not allowed to log in early because they wouldn't be paying for me being there early..... (how terrible is that). Your employees can't be 5 minutes late or they're written up but don't show up 5 minutes early either because we're not paying you for it. If you like barely leaving your desk and connected to phones all day with timed lunches and breaks, well, good luck!"

Former Employee - Customer Engagement Specialist says

"What they said the position would be is customer service. What it continued to turn into was soft sales. They didn't care about customer service, quality of product, or quality of support agents, all they wanted you to do was upsell. They say at the start of your time there that there are countless opportunities to be promoted... which is true if you want to go into customer success. If not, you're doomed. Conflict of interest and favoritism are blatantly obvious yet no one does anything. If you aren't a favorite, your career deadends. Backstabbing and gossip is as bad as a high school's. It started out as a decent place to work... it continues to go downhill. The turnover rate is awful. Job description of customer engagement specialist doesn't match what you will end up doing. Only wish I could have left sooner."


"Due to the weak and aggressive managers you can loose your job. They should hire more professional managers at engineering department. Managers can hire you for an upgrade position therefore you apply normal position, and they can fire you not matching the skills . it is ridiculos . However, managers should take the responsibility and give support the new hire people instead of trying to fire them."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is literally allowed to break the law and no one cares. HR doesn't help anyone. Sales turnover is huge. Marketing is a disaster. The "happy" is just on the surface. Constant layoffs, and certain people will get lumped into that because managers can't manage, but will hide behind company instability."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Call center life, strict schedules, and they do not keep their support team completely happy and they are the most overworked employees. They deal with the everyday customer and take all the BS. Recommendations have become the money maker and they will make sure every call has an accept or a maybe and check everything on the list to make sure it counted correctly. (A lot of micromanaging)"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Dont like to pay what ur owed"

Former Employee - Support says

"The only thing they truly care about are your "numbers". Support job went from taking care of the customer to focusing on average handle times and up selling. As stated previously, career opportunities are a joke unless you are "in" with someone."

Email Marketing /Customer Engagement Specialist (Former Employee) says

"At the end of the day you are just a number and they are constant turn over rate . Management has no concerns to make product better they are just looking to let go of the talent once that company had over 1400 employees now they are under 400"

RDD (Current Employee) says

"Company is going downhill fast. Purchased by Endurance who is cutting everyone because of losses by the other companies they own. Destroying the life and character of Constant Contact, one employee at a time."

Customer Engagement Specialist (Former Employee) says

"At first glance, this looks like a great gig, however it is a lot of smoke and mirrors. There is no transparency in management."

Administrative Support (Former Employee) says

"Throughout five years there is never support from any type of management; but there was a revolving door for management in the department. Getting a raise was nonexistent, though management spent money like it grew on trees. No communication. No support. No training.Management drove the business to the ground - literally.However, people across the company were the best, just wonderful.The people.The take over management. Management overall."

Marketing Consultant (Current Employee) says

"get to work at 8 am leave at 4 pm. Get lecture due to the fact that you are not hitting one of the six or more metrics that they have for you to hit. They want you to "not focus on the sale" but focus on hitting everything else or you lose your job. Similar to passing a kidney stone for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The bright side is that you get the weekends off."

Sales rep (Current Employee) says

"Was a great company when I first got on but new management came aboard due to original management team resigning since the company adopted a more greedy call center direction. Management constantly changing sales strategies as they are actually floundering and they incorrectly forecast sales goals leaving reps making NO COMMISSION for months in a row. Greed and products launched prematurely are major reasons for Wallstreet demanding the sale reps to pull rabbits out of their hats.Not until they change the core values back to what they were will they ever have a decent trustworthy company lunch end of month so u don't leave ur desk, free sodascall center mentality, the management clueless, lots of stress"

Customer Engagement Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Management is terrible. they do not communicate well amongst each other which makes it difficult for those working under them. The pay is extremely low in the customer support department even though you are basically a technician. Lies told of advancementa lot of free food, good benefits packageshort scheduled breaks, very low pay, bad management"

Senior Marketing Communication Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I worked in sales, and while they have a ping pong table and other fun things, they are more smoke screens and mirrors than anything. They have such high sales targets and productivity metrics that doing anything other than calling leads nonstop throughout your workday is unrealistic. You will end up making anywhere from 85-200+ calls a day to hit your sales goal."

Informal leader & Sales representative (Former Employee) says

"Outbound calling to qualified leads. 80-100 calls per day. I learned about engagement marketing and a lot about various social media tools. The hardest part of the job was actually getting in touch with folks and having quality conversations. Small business owners don't have time to spend 15 minutes talking about their marketing plan with a complete stranger in the middle of the work day. I did really enjoy when I did get the opportunity to show someone the tangible results of their email marketing campaign and how it has positively impacted their business. I really loved working at CTCT but management was inconsistent and poor. In my three years we had 4 or 5 different directors of sales each with their own philosophy so we were constantly asked to change our selling style and approach even if we were successful. I would characterize the leaders more as chaperones there to micromanage your process rather than inspiring leaders that make you want to do your job better.Great work environment and productsPoor management and leadership"

onboarding (Current Employee) says

"meh. good core product, marginal others. call center attitude, not sales professional attitude. management mis-hires left and right - friends and buddys of those interviewing get the job over those with good performance and experience. ok job for those in a pinch.benefits, better than no job, decent products (most anyway)focus on call stats, not results. hiring managers bases on buddy system, not leaders"

Inside Telesales (Former Employee) says

"Call center environment, high stress, much micromanagementgood healthcaremicromanagement"

Customer Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management. Ridiculous corporate culture. Working there is like being a dog on a leash 8 or more hours per day. Worst job I ever had. Their product isn't horrible, but it isn't good either. They overcharge for their services. Most of the managers are clueless lap dogs.Free pop machinestifling work environment"

Customer Engagement Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This was working at an inbound call center helping customers learn to navigate and create professional bulk emails. Also using products to create events, donation pages and surveys. The company offers many fun perks such as free beverages, beer cart Friday, parties and team building events. I enjoyed working there until very recently.Beer cart Fridays, Free beveragesPoor management"

Engagement Marketing Direct Sales (Current Employee) says

"Sales organization changed to be a call center. Grew out of the foodpoor management"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Constant Contact offers a lot of career opportunities. You will def learn a lot about email/online marketing in all roles at the company. It has a very young culture."

Web Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Honestly, this Tech Business is inflated. Too much "customerland" talk. If you are looking for creativity, don't work here. Employees are two faced, unreliable."

Marketing Support (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend getting involved with this company until they finish their restructure. Benefits are great. Management is very awful. Good learning experienceBenefitsManagement"

Product (Current Employee) says

"The culture is everything at Constant Contact–great people doing great work. The problem is leadership and the lack thereof. There are managers but very few leaders and that's a tough spot to be in."

Personal Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"I worked really hard to advance from entry-level to professional services. Once I'd advanced, my pay had increased $.50 in that 5 year period. I was promised that once I'd "paid my dues in customer support", I'd have job security and a reasonable pay - neither of which has happened/will happen within the next year.Great Job CultureSelfish Upper Management"

Customer Engagement Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company has a wide-open floor plan with the cubicles setup for employee interaction. It's a call center: Answer customer phone calls to provide support for technical issues and marketing advice. Team Leads are responsible for small teams in order to (hopefully) manage and be available more effectively.Each agent is held to strict monthly KPI's - phone call length, survey scores, recommendations for upselling enhanced product features and successfully upselling the product features. Failure to meet any of these monthly KPI's will initiate verbal warnings, written warnings, final warnings and ultimately termination. There is a high turnover rate of employees as a result of the KPI's and how stressful it is to make the KPI's. Advancing is difficult even if you do make your KPI's and it would also require a lot of "who you know" vs. "what you know". The employee culture can be a turn-off. It takes a lot of time for employees to warm up to each other. Communication & interaction between employees is more effectively done through chat systems instead of in-person.Free beveragesUpselling, KPI's"

Stephen Gay says

"I ended up getting billed even though I had not agreed (downloaded free trial only). I could not get to talk to anyone on the phone. I have written formal complain to (Australian ) Office of fair Trading. My comments are consistent with other reviews. I should add that the software is actually very good."

SS s says

"They called me. The guy talked to me an hour an hour to sign me up. At the begging he sounds right and knowable unfortunately, whatever he said he did not keep his promise. He will try to take your attention like he cares about you and your business but he does not at all. He told me somebody in the company help me with my need but once you make payment he mentions i need to set up everything and if i need something than i can reach out them but this was the not our speech . I already mentioned i am too busy to handle all this stuff. He told me i should not. Shortly, do not trust them at all they are scam they promise you so many thing and then once you make payment they just keep twisting the words. He told me first month was free, after twisting all the words i could not trust him at all. He was keep trying to convince me and once i said i am gonna look at the link they sent it to me i will make a decision. He told me no worries. After all the speech, i just check everything, i had to do manually which i mentioned earlier to him i did not have time and he than start to twist to words like they do everything. Once i realize the service they offer me it was not like mention on the phone at the begging and than another day i contact them to cancel it. They were very mean and they charged me whole month fee which was free first month for new people and i also did not use they are service at all. First they i had call from them around 5pm and all they was gonna so i did not use it another day after checked everything, it was not like as described. I did not use their service at all. So guys their are totally scam they got my 30 dollar which i did not use it at all. on the website no risk and no credit card information says but i wanna let you know my experience with them . They are not professional at all."

Jamie says

"Extremely unhappy with the service I have received at constant contact. I upgraded to the plus package and I still haven’t got access to the additional features. I spoke to many of their people via online chat and still wasn’t sorted they keep on telling me I do have full access to the additional features (which I don’t). They then tell me I need to speak to billing, but I had to call them. I eventually got through but they told me I don’t get access to all the features for 3 days after the purchase? Why I don’t know when I had already paid for the plus package. So today I should have been able to access the additional feature but it’s still doesn’t work! I am very disappointed as I have paid for something that isn’t working and you can’t even contact them when you need them and you can’t even easily cancel your account. Also the constant contact doesn’t work correctly when intergrated with Wordpress. Very very disappointed. Absolute waste of money, avoid constant contact at all cost!!!"

Artios IKE says

"You want to cancel your account? Too bad. There is no such option. You must call, and wait, and call, and wait... It was this one time that I did not consult Trustpilot, and that's the result... Edit - update: I sent them an email and they closed the account in 1 working day."

Mary Ostlund says

"I've used Constant Contact for over 10 years. I downloaded their app on my iPhone. Over the weekend I used the app to edit an email. It threw everything out of whack, meaning Constant Contact screwed up, now my emails are treated as SPAM with MS Outlook. The first support person had me generate a new key. WRONG! Turns out no way to undo. 3 hours on the phone, fingers crossed it's resolved. But it's somehow ALL MY FAULT. Following their instructions is my fault?"

Mohamed Bakry says

"Horrible experience and customer service ! If your contact list grows (You just upload contacts, without sending to them) they will stop your account and ask you to call them while your credit card will be charged for an active subscription !! Customer service is horrible .."

Mehmet Saruhan says

"Beware, it is very hard to cancel the payment. After enrollment, we send only 1 email and weren't happy with the results. They don't have a cancel option on their website. You have to call during their hours. I tried several times with no luck before forgetting to cancel. Ended up paying 2 extra months(95 x 2). I guess their canceling policy worked as intended"

Simone says

"It's impossible to cancel account online. Pay attention !!!"

Vy Dang says

"I am a customer of Constant Contact (still can't find my way to cancel the subscription), and I am very disappointed at how they handle the customer experience. I registered to try out the service and found their UI confusing and crowded. The service didn't have what we were looking for - dynamic email editing template, so we decided to find something else. That's where the frustration comes: - The only thing you can do in your Price & Plans is Upgrade. - The only way you can do to cancel billing is calling a specific phone number during a specific timeframe (US hours - we're based in Europe however). - There are a lot of complaints, but they did nothing to fix this (check their help community). If you're based outside US (which makes calling hours absurd), seriously rethink before you commit to the service. It's a disappointment for all other SaaS services when you make it very difficult/ frustrating to "cancel anytime"-"

Scott Vanthoff says

"This company is all about money... Typical big business bullying small business owners. First try to cancel your subscription you have to call them between the US hours of X-Y. Sorry that went out the door years ago and is actually illegal business practice in Australia. Second they priced us small guys out of the market place. Third they changed the email editor and stuffed up everything. Look elsewhere... Look for the blue company."

appu ajju says

"I am a Constant Contact customer. Their customer service is very very bad. They are so unprofessional, rude, liars, no manners and have no care for the customers( I really wonder who is hiring these kind of poeple!) They are only interested in getting new customers and after that they are least bothered. They have just one number for sales, customer service, billing and for everything. Once we call they keep transferring you to many departments and waste your time and you end up disconnecting the call. They pretend that they are very very busy and have so many calls to attend! With is type of customer service I really wonder if they have any customers using their tool! I would never recommend them to any company. They are FRAUD people!"

Juliette Ivers says

"I have been with Constant Contact for 11 years. They are not same....very disappointed. They waist your time, and the bottom line they do not care.... There is so much bad...that I am not going to waist my time writing it. Just be aware."

Heather says

"Just to echo what everyone else is saying - functionality is basic, they charge your card too early and cancelling is impossible. You have to phone to do it and the phone line is open strange hours (only after 1pm on a Friday - what?). I've emailed multiple times, they responded to one email after a week and ignored the rest. Don't bother, go somewhere else!"

Michelle Graham Lifexcells says

"This company requires the customer to phone them to cancel their subscription. If you're in a different time zone this becomes very difficult. It also leaves your business wide open to disgruntled employees being able to phone up and request cancellation of the service. Every other online provider has an online cancellation process. Not happy with my experience with this company."

Michael Linder says

"What happens when Constant Contact is informed that its client is sending unauthorized email to an individual or company with no prior relationship? In this case, VEW Media on behalf of Airfree Air Purifiers, a company with a non-working U.S. phone number and a Portuguese address. I asked Constant Contact if they drop such a client, or simply instruct them to remove the annoyed recipient from further spam? Do they police themselves and their users to maintain their integrity? Constant Contact refuses to say. "Our protocols are confidential," a company rep told me by phone just now, "but we engage in client education." When asked how many complaints must received before a spamming client is dropped, the rep would not reply. My solution is to blacklist all incoming email that mentions Constant Contact in its body and/or header. Despite its glossy network TV ads, spam by any other name is still spam — and still disgusting."

Bel Air Beatz says

"Worst Company Ever. Impossible to cancel a subscription, they should be sued. Tried for days to get in contact with these clowns, cant reach them anywhere. And they will not accept issues regarding "billing" in their chat. It's Crazy!!"

Brenda Curran says

"I keep getting spammed by NOM Global, Daily. It's been happening for years. They do their marketing through which is obviously to blame for the non-stop spamming. I've listed it as spam, put it on my black list and added a dozen or so rules to my email prog to stop it but it always gets through. It's relentless. I hope goes bust, frankly."

Matt Robinson says

"Rubbish. Insidious behaviour to make it so difficult to cancel. No clear instruction on the website apart from 'contact the billing team'. I've been trying to call the customer number to do this for days and now another payment has been taken. Beware of these scammers."

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